Enjoy the summer at Salling ROOFTOP

At the very top of Salling in both Aarhus and Aalborg, you can visit our unique Salling ROOFTOP with an amazing 360 degree panoramic view of the city and our nerve-wracking skywalk. You can also discover a restaurant, a café area and bars with delicious servings as well as a grandstand and stage area, where exciting events and concerts are held throughout the year.

Try the nerve-wrecking skywalk

In both Aarhus and Aalborg, you can experience a glass skywalk overlooking the rooftops of the city. The experience is quite thrilling as you stand at the glass and look all the way down to the street and as far as the eye can see.

Spectacular architecture

Salling ROOFTOP is a spectacular space with detailed and beautiful architecture and a breathtaking view. The combination of warm, natural materials and the many different levels, makes it a very unique city space.

Salling ROOFTOP in Aarhus

The 2000 sqm city space at the top of the city offers magnificent viewpoints with panoramic views all over Aarhus, a lush greenhouse, relaxing lounge areas, a nerve-wracking skywalk 27 meters above the central shopping street and several open-air bars.
In the café there are plenty of delicious summer temptations for the whole family, from a fresh summer salad with white wine to our popular tapas with cakes.

See our menu and cocktails here.

Salling ROOFTOP in Aalborg

At the very top of Salling in Aalborg you will find the 1400 sqm ROOFTOP spread over several levels. At the top, high above the rooftops of the city, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the 'Paris of the North', cozy lounge areas and the sky bar. Try also the skywalk – a glass bridge 30 meters above the ground.
In the café you can be tempted by a menu with everything the heart can desire from summer dishes, refreshing cocktails and sweets.

See our menu and cocktails here.

Opening hours

Monday to friday: 10-20
Saturday: Aarhus 10-19 | Aalborg 10-18
Sunday: 10-18