All of our bread are homemade from Salling Bakery. Purchase of gluten-free bread: 10,-

Breakfast Platter 60,-
Breakfast Platter 60,- Homemade breakfast roll and rye bread, homemade marmalade, sausage from the Salling butcher, Danish pastry and organic butter.

Waffle 45,-
With homemade jam and whipped cream.

Porridge 65,-
Cold porridge with today's topping.

Brunch Platter 105,-
Organic yogurt with muesli and homemade granola, homemade chicken salad, small croissant, fresh fruit, sausage, homemade marmalade, scrambled eggs with bacon and chives, waffle, avocado with nuts, homemade bread and organic butter.

Mimosa 40,-
Sparkling wine and freshly squeezed orange juice.


Salling's beef salad 95,-
Cold slices of grilled veal, greens, marinated slow roasted vegetables, romesco dressing and homemade focaccia.

Ceasar salad 85,-
Romain lettuce, roasted chicken, pickled cauliflower, cheese, rye bread crisps, ceasar dressing and homemade focaccia.

Club Salling 95,-
Homemade sandwich bread, roasted chicken breast, crispy bacon, greens and homemade basil aioli.

Tuna Sandwich 95,-
Homemade sandwich bread, Rooftop tuna salad, avoca- do, greens and homemade mayonnaise.

Vitello Tonnato 95,-
Slices of grilled veal, tuna dressing, large capers and parmesan. Served with homemade focaccia.

Salmon tartare 95,-
Cold-smoked salmon, crisp lettuce, seasonal greens and homemade focaccia.

Open faced sandwhich 50,-
Homemade. See the selection on the flyer.

The green of the season 80,-
Crispy salad, marinated slow roasted vegetables, pickled greens, romesco dressing and roasted kernels.

Charcuterie platter 95,-
Three quality cheeses, three Italian specialties, two homemade dips, selection of chips and home made focaccia.

Children's plate 60,-
Fresh vegetables and fruit, rye bread, brioche bun, sausage from Salling's butcher, chicken breast and mini chocolate muffin.

Whole grain brioche bun 45,-
Choose from: avocado with tomato, air-dried ham or homemade jam.

Desserts in glass 45,-
Homemade desserts. Ask for today's selection.

Cake 35,-
Homemade cakes. Ask for today's selection.

Cake Tapas 45,-
Four different kinds.

Bar snacks: 1 stk. 25,- | 4 stk. 85,- | 5 stk. 100,-
Choose from salted nuts, olives, quality cheese with chutney, root vegetable crisps or rye bread crisps with dip.


Albet Noya, Spain - Organic 50,-/225,-
Pratsch, Grüner Veltliner, Austria - Organic 55,-/220,-
Paliser Pencarrow, New Zealand 60,-/250,-
Van Voxlem, Germany 70,-/370,-
Magnum 800,-
Bouzereau Bourgogne, France 75,-/435,-
Francois Lipp, Frankrig - Organic 75,-/400,-


Albet Noya, Spain - Organic 50,-/225,-
Cotes du Rohne Sablet, France 55,-/250,-
Begali Ripasso, Italy 65,-/300,-
Sous Le Chene, France - Organic 70,-/330,-
Half a bottle 165,-


Albet Noya, Spain - Organic 50,-/225,-
Avanzi Chiaretto, Italy 70,-/350,-
Francois Lipp, France - Organic 75,-/350,-
Chauteau Paradis Rose, France 70,-/350,-
Magnum/Double Magnum 650,-/1.250,-
Chauteau Paradis Terre de Agnes, France 400,-
Magnum/Double Magnum 800,-/1.250,-


Bollinger Brut/Rose 650,-
Mailly Brut, Grand Cru 450,-
Mailly Demi sec, Grand Cru 475,-
Mailly Blanc De Noirs, Grand Cru 500,-
Champagne of the month 550,-
Mailly Magnum 1.250,-
Bollinger Magnum 1.700,-


La Corte Del Pozzo, Prosecco taly - BIO 65,-/300
Special Privilege, France - Organic 380,-
Romantica Brut, Italy 400,-
Magnum 700,-
Alice Hartmann Brut, Luxemborg 420,-
Alice Hartmann Rosé, Luxemborg 475,-


Small 25 cl/large 40 cl

Carlsberg pilsner 40,-/55,-
Tuborg Classic 40,-/55,-
Jacobsen Brown Ale 45,-/60,-


See the selection in the beer menu.


Small 25 cl/large 40 cl
Cola, Cola Zero, Fanta, Lemon, Sprite 30,- /40,-

Juice, several varieties 35,-
Elderflower, strawberry, rhubarb, apple and season

Freshly squeezed juice 40,-
ROOFTOP water, still/sparkling 25,-
Ice tea, peaches 35,-


Coffee 25,-
Tea, cup, NuTe, incl. refill 25,-
Tea, pot with 3 cups, NuTe 60,-
Salling organic coffee, French Press, 3/4 cups 75,-
Espresso single/double 20,-/30,-
Café Latte, cappuccino, café au lait, cocoa 35,-
Irish coffee 65,-
Iced coffee 35,-

All wine and spirits are from Salling Super's wine department.