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    A thousand kilometers south of Greenland’s northernmost coastal stretch lies the last great Arctic tundra. A last stop before the great northern expanses is transformed into Arctic desert. Zackenberg is the name of this Arctic pearl, and in 1992 this area was selected as the ideal place for a High Arctic scientific field station. The Danish Polar Center’s...
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    From the preface:Current physics and cosmology have left us with a confusion of empirically-derived models which do not yet combine into a coherent structure and which are most often ad hoc. Wegener is surely right in believing that the only way to tackle this problem is to go back to the foundations, and he has used skills acquired in many different...
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    Micranthes foliolosa nov. var. sisimiutii is characterized among others by its size and development of 3 capsules, which all opened to throwing seeds in the surroundings. Only the half of the normal 2 capsules opened for spreading seeds. The new variety is found growing near Sisimiut (Greenland) and the plant develops five characteristic growth forms,...
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