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Roskilde University Press

Roskilde University Press

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  • 125,00 kr

    This book is a collection of papers presented by European researcers in adult education from five countries gathered at a seminar in Roskilde in November 1997 to discuss the theme of 'Reinventing Adult Learning and Education in the View of a Transforming
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    250,00 kr
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    Project Management Theory Meets Practicecontains the proceedings from the 1st Danish Project Management Research Conference (DAPMARC 2015), held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 21st, 2015. The book presents a selection of state-of-the-art research, theory and models based on studies of project management practice. Topics include: - Self-organizing...
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    ”It does not belong to our culture”, ”Ethnic minorities must integrate into the labour market”, ”We are heading for a multicultural society”. We often meet these statements in newspapers, in political debates or among friends when political issues about integration or multiculturalism are discussed at various levels. But the discussions often lack a...
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