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    The Nordic Tax Research Council was founded in 1973. The main purpose of the council is to strengthen cooperation between the member states: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland in the field of legal and economic tax research. The council arranges seminars for it's members and for Nordic tax experts, and every year the council publishes a...
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    The main subject of this yearbook is taxation of individuals and goods in the Nordic countries upon cross country mobility. The book contains the general and national reports to the 2009 Nordic Tax Research Counsil Seminar. It also contains written versions of interesting lectures given at the seminar. In additions, the yearbook holds summaries of...
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    The 2011 seminar was held in Copenhagen and addressed the topic: "TheTaxation of Intangible property". This edition of the yearbook contains the general as well as the nationaleconomic and legal reports to the seminar. The edition also contains a chapter on Tax News from the Nordic countries and abstracts of Nordic Tax Dissertations from 2010.The next...
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    Given the contribution of the value added tax to the Governments of the European Community, the area has had remarkably little attention within legal academic literature. In practice, thousands of lawyers and advisers in Europe deal with these issues on a daily basis and, furthermore, the European VAT system is being 'exported' to other countries around...
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    Yearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2012 indeholder undersøgelser fra Nordic Tax Research Council, samt præsenterede og diskuterede dokumenter og rapporter fra de årlige seminarier. Seminariet fra 2012 havde overskriften "Skatteudgifter". IndholdsoversigtPrefaceDel I: Tax ExpendituresEconomic and Legal General Report - af Kalle MäättäNational Legal and...
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