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Chris Paton

Chris Paton

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    Lieutenant Jamie Hanover is sent on a mission to uncover the rumour of a secret weapon located in the mountains of Afghanistan.Helped by the strange mystic, Hari Singh, the two men fight side by side in the mountains as they track a strange metal emissary through the infamous Khyber Pass.Following in the emissary’s destructive footsteps, Jamie and Hari...
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  • 156,25 kr

    Studying the precise art of chronology, scientist Luise Hanover is in the process of manipulating time. As her work attracts the interest of foreign powers, Luise is drawn into a fast-paced and chaotic world of shadowy alliances, exotic characters and the madly competitive world of steamracing.In the shadows and on the streets of London, Luise turns to...
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