Kokkeriet - The Danish Flavor in Out Kitchen

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Kokkeriet - The Danish Flavor in Out Kitchen

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Food, Memories and Michelin StarsSalted herring, “burning love”, ham salads and red berry soup. The first book from Michelin restaurant Kokkeriet brings modern interpretations of classic Danish dishes into your home and offers striking images – testimony to a radical kitchen. But the book also relates the story of a restaurant where the choice has been made to discard the familiar French menu to stake everything on a new interpretation of Danish food. Excerpts from the book:It is food that wants ahead. It is neither raw nor cautious, but an experience that will hurl you around in nuances of flavor. These are flavors from the days when the farmer toiled in the field all day long. It is salty, crunchy, juicy, fried, smoked, sour, sweet ...

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Forfatter: Kokkeriet
Sideantal: 184
Sprog: Engelsk
Originalsprog: Dansk
Produktvariant: Hardback
Oplag: 1
Udgave: 1
Udgiver: Kokkeriet
Udgivelsesdato: 14 Sep 2015
Oplagsdato: 31 Aug 2015






Kokkeriet - The Danish Flavor in Out Kitchen Kokkeriet