Metal Emissary

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Metal Emissary

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Lieutenant Jamie Hanover is sent on a mission to uncover the rumour of a secret weapon located in the mountains of Afghanistan.
Helped by the strange mystic, Hari Singh, the two men fight side by side in the mountains as they track a strange metal emissary through the infamous Khyber Pass.
Following in the emissary’s destructive footsteps, Jamie and Hari travel to Adina Pur where the uncovering of secrets and the culmination of their respective missions demands a heavy price.
Metal Emissary is a Steampunk Adventure set in Central Asia in the 1850s full of weird machines, exotic characters, dust, snow and blood.

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Forfatter: Chris Paton
Sideantal: 236
Sprog: Engelsk
Originaltitel: Metal Emissary
Originalsprog: Engelsk
Produktvariant: Paperback
Udgave: 1
Udgiver: Chris Paton
Udgivelsesdato: 29 Jun 2015
Oplagsdato: 29 Jun 2015