Project Management Theory Meets Practice

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Project Management Theory Meets Practicecontains the proceedings from the 1st Danish Project Management Research Conference (DAPMARC 2015), held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 21st, 2015. The book presents a selection of state-of-the-art research, theory and models based on studies of project management practice. Topics include:
- Self-organizing agile management teams
- How Scrum influences the temporal environment
- Hidden goals and what you can do
- Frontloading your project
- Metaphors used to communicate in the project
- Maturity in project-portfolio management
-Value generation in projects
-Heroes as catalysts in projects
Project Management Theory Meets Practiceis published in cooperation with the Danish Project Management Association.

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Forfatter: Per Svejvig (red.) / Jan Pries-Heje
Sideantal: 154
Sprog: Engelsk
Originalsprog: Engelsk
Produktvariant: Paperback
Oplag: 1
Udgave: 1
Udgiver: Roskilde University Press
Bredde: 172 mm
Højde: 240 mm
Dybde: 13 mm
Vægt: 344 g
Udgivelsesdato: 20 May 2015
Oplagsdato: 20 May 2015




Project Management Theory Meets Practice Roskilde University Press