Trademark protection in the european union

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Trademark protection in the european union

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A handbook which guides you on the How, When and Why in the European trademark system.
This book covers all of the general aspects of protecting a trademark in the European Union – either by direct filing at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) or through the Madrid Protocol.
It is a first-aid handbook which you can keep on your desk and use:
when filing a Community trade mark (CTM) application or designating the European Union through the Madrid Protocolwhen there is a notice of opposition against your markor simply when you want to learn more about trademarks in the European Union
Throughout the book case-law is used to demonstrate the practice of OHIM, the Boards of Appeal, the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Background information on the CTM system as well as OHIM’s past, present and futureHow to obtain trademark protection in the European Union with a special focus on the different kinds of trademarks, what it takes to obtain them as well as some of the obstacles for obtaining a trademark protectionHow you can lose your trademark protection in the European Union after having obtained it. Focus is on oppositions, cancellations and the appeal systemHow you can renew your trademarkYou can also find the basic regulation – CTMR – and both the application forms, CTM (OHIM) and international registrations (WIPO), together with a list of the relevant case-law in the book.
The book also includes information about the special conditions that apply for Norwegians in relation to trademark protection in the European Union.

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Forfatter: Solvår W. Finnanger / Louise C. Thorning
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Udgiver: Thomson Reuters Professional A/S
Udgivelsesdato: 11 Jul 2010
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Trademark protection in the european union Thomson Reuters Professional A/S