Yearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2011 - Taxation on intangible assets

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Yearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2011 - Taxation on intangible assets

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The 2011 seminar was held in Copenhagen and addressed the topic: "TheTaxation of Intangible property". This edition of the yearbook contains the general as well as the nationaleconomic and legal reports to the seminar. The edition also contains a chapter on Tax News from the Nordic countries and abstracts of Nordic Tax Dissertations from 2010.The next seminar is planned to take place in Helsinki, Finland 24th-25th of May 2012.
I The Taxation of Intagible Property Economic General Report
af Michael Møller and Claus Parum
Legal Generel Report
af Jens Wittendorff
National Legal Report Finland
af Olli Ryynänen
National Legal Report Sweden
af Jan Kellgren
National Legal Report Norway
af Eivind Furuseth
National Economic Report Norway
af Annette Alstadsæter and Arvid Raknerud
National Legal Report Iceland
af Asmundur G. Vilhjalmsson
National Economic Report Iceland
af Thorolfur Matthiasson and Jón Skapt Gestsson
National Legal Report Denmark
af Claus Hedegaard Eriksen
National Economic Report Denmark
af Kathrine Lange
II Topics
Transfer pricing principles in VAT Law
af Dennis Ramsdahl Jensen
III Tax news 2010
Finnish Tax News 2010
af Kenneth Hellsten
Swedish Tax News
af Martin Berglund
Norwegian Tax News 2010
af Lars Christian Tønder
Danish Tax News 2010
af Jane Ferniss
IV Nordic Tax Dissertations 2010
Free choice of legal form in EU tax law
af Lars Kjærgård Terkilsen
European VAT and Activities Relating to Securities
af Anders Strandet Jepsen
Emigration taxation of capital gains
af Katia Cejie
Public benefit as a Norm in Swedish tax law. Income tax exemption for Nonprofit associations
af Nick Dimitrevski
Company Migration - an Analysis in View of International Tax Law and EU Law
af Maria Nelson
Arm's length transaction structures
af Andreas Bullen
Essays on agglomerations and economic policy
af Eva Benedicte Danielsen Norman

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Yearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2011 - Taxation on intangible assets Djøf Publishing