The Law of Green and Social Procurement in Europe

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The Law of Green and Social Procurement in Europe

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This publication is the second in the European Procurement Law Series. European institutions have developed common principles and rules which are applicable all over the EU. While in some cases rules and practice from some Member States have influenced the developments of public procurement law at EU level, European provisions will more often be divergent from the rules previously in force in most member States. Once they penetrate the domestic legal orders, the sources of European law interact with national law. The series will explore how and to what extent the national laws of a number of Member States have tried to accommodate European rules and principles.
The main objective of public procurement regulation is to provide the government with the supplies, and works it needs to operate. This primary objective is connected to the principle of value for money and for the European Union with the aim to ensure the functioning of the internal market in public procurement. However, other objectives related to environmental and social concerns have always played a role as well. These range from the award of contracts to workshops for the disabled to strict environmental specifications. These 'secondary' or 'horizontal' objectives, also referred to as 'green procurement' or 'social procurement', are the subject of this book. The analysis covers the European Union internal market law of green and social procurement with emphasis on the interpretation, implementation and practice in a range of Member States of the EU and includes a comparative study.


Foreword by the Editors of the European Procurement Law Series
I. Sustainable Public Procurement in the EU
Roberto Caranta
II. Green Public Procurement and Socially Responsible Public Procurement: An Analysis of Danish Regulation and Practice
Steen Treumer
III. Public Contracts and Sustainable Development in France
Laurent Vidal
IV. Secondary Considerations in Public Procurement in Germany
Martin Burgi
V. Sustainable Procurements in Italy: Of Light and Some Shadows
Roberto Caranta and Sara Richetto

VI. Aggregate Models of Public Procurement and Secondary Considerations: An Italian Perspective
Gabriella M. Racca
VII. Sustainable Public Procurement in Poland
Marcin Spyra
VIII. Secondary Considerations in Public Procurement in Romania
Dacian C. Dragos, Bogdana Neamtu, and Raluca Veliscu
IX. Sustainability and Public Procurement in the Spanish Legal System
Julio González García

X. Sustainability and Value for Money: Social and Environmental Considerations in United Kingdom Public Procurement Law
Martin Trybus
XI. Green and Social Considerations in Public Procurement Contracts: A Comparative Approach
Mario E. Comba
List of Cases
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