Standard British and American English. - A brief overview

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Standard British and American English. - A brief overview

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The author's fundamental objective when writing this book was to provide the reader with basic information about the differences between Standard British and American English. The text is structured by considering differences with respect to pronunciation, stress, intonation, spelling, vocabulary, phraseology, and grammar.
Although intended primarily for university undergraduate students of English, the book should also be of interest and value to English language teachers and, in fact, to anybody having a fairly good command of the language and an interest in English variation.
The book requires only a minimal knowledge of basic linguistics; acquaintance with the International Phonetic Alphabet, whose symbols are used in many ordinary dictionaries, and fundamental grammatical categories such as prepositions, pronouns, articles, and reported speech.
Karol Janicki is a professor of linguistics in the Department of English, University of Bergen, Norway.

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Forfatter: Janicki K
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