Private Equity - Transactions, contracts and regulation

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Private Equity - Transactions, contracts and regulation

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This book provides an introduction to private equity transactions. It describes the transactions, the main kinds of agreements that govern these transactions, the ongoing relations of the parties and the increasing regulation, both public and private, of the private equity sector. The descriptions of the individual transactions cover the stages of private equity funds’ fundraising, the structuring of their investments in portfolio companies, and their subsequent exits from their investments.

The Danish edition of this book was the first general presentation of private equity law in Denmark. Likewise this updated English version shows English-speaking readers for the first time how Danish private equity transactions are carried out in an international perspective.
The author is an attorney and a partner in PENM Partners, a Danish manager of private equity funds with a focus on emerging markets. He has previously worked as an attorney, first with the Danish law firm Bech-Bruun and subsequently with BankInvest, a leading asset manager and provider of investment funds in the Nordic region, where he advised on the legal aspects of fundraising, investment and exits for a number of private equity funds with investments in Europe, North America and Asia in the areas of biotechnology, IT, clean technology and emerging markets. For a number of years the author has been a member of the legal committee of the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association and he is an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen. Jannick Nytoft, the Chief Executive Officer of the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association has written the foreword to the book.
Indholdsoversigt Abbreviations Foreword Introduction Chapter 1. Introduction to private equity Chapter 2. PE Funds Chapter 3. Managers of PE funds Chapter 4. Venture capital investments Chapter 5. Buyouts Chapter 6. Exits Glossary Bibliography List of Cases Index

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Forfatter: Tomas Krüger Andersen
Sideantal: 268
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Udgivelsesdato: 12 Mar 2015
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