Organizational Leadership - New Studies in Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Organizational Leadership - New Studies in Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Professor Nicolai J. Foss , Copenhagen Business School, is one of the most well-published and cited European management scholars. He has made important contributions to the study of strategy, organization, and entrepreneurship, for example, breaking new ground in terms of stressing the need for microfoundations and for embedding the study of innovation and knowledge in governance perspectives.

This collection of Foss’ recent journal papers articulates his unique view of key issues in the study of organizational leadership. The collection provides an opportunity to explore the work of one of the world’s most influential academic management scholars, Nicolai J. Foss, in this collection of twenty new studies published by Nicolai Foss between 2007 and 2014.
Foss has, over the past fifteen years, increasingly focused on the concept of knowledge. In particular, the growth, management, and use of knowledge are recurrent themes. Applications of this have taken Foss beyond strategic management into innovation and entrepreneurship. A key advantage of the present compilation is that it invites the reader to use Foss’s vision to see connections between the represented subject areas: Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge and Methodology.
Foreword – by Birger Wernerfelt Chapter 1. Introduction to the Volume: Continuity and Shared Themes New Studies on Organizational Leadership - by Nicolai J. Foss
PART I: STRATEGY AND THE THEORY OF THE FIRM Chapter 2. Why Managers Still Matter - by Nicolai J. Foss & Peter G. Klein Chapter 3. Managing Joint Production Motivation: The Role of Goal Framing and Governance Mechanisms - by Siegwart Lindenberg & Nicolai J. Foss Chapter 4. Microfoundations for Strategy: A Goal-Framing Perspective on the Drivers of Value Creation – by Nicolai J. Foss & Siegwart Lindenberg Chapter 5. Combining Purpose with Profits - by Julian Birkinshaw, Nicolai J. Foss & Siegwart Lindenberg Chapter 6. International Expansion through Flexible Replication: Learning from the Internationalization Experience of IKEA - by Anna Jonsson & Nicolai J. Foss
PART II: INNOVATION AND KNOWLEDGE Chapter 7. Absorbing the Concept of Absorptive Capacity: How to Realize Its Potential in the Organization Field - by Henk W. Volberda, Nicolai J. Foss & Marjorie A. Lyles Chapter 8. Governing Knowledge Sharing in Organisations: Levels of Analysis, Mechanisms, and Research Directions - by Nicolai J. Foss, Kenneth Husted & Snejina Michailova Chapter 9. Linking Customer Interaction and Innovation: The Mediating Role of New Organizational Practices - by Nicolai J. Foss, Keld Laursen & Torben Pedersen Chapter 10. Encouraging Knowledge sharing among Employees: How Job Design Matters - by Nicolai J. Foss, Dana B. Minbaeva, Torben Pedersen & Mia Reinholt Chapter 11. Why A Central Network Position isn’t Enough: The Role of Motivation and Ability for Knowledge Sharing in Employee Networks - by Mia Reinholt, Torben Pedersen & Nicolai J. Foss
PART III: ENTREPRENEURSHIP Chapter 12. Opportunities and New Business Models: Transaction Cost and Property Rights Perspectives on Entrepreneurship - by Nils Stieglitz & Nicolai J. Foss Chapter 13. The Strategic Organization of the Entrepreneurial Established Firm – by Nicolai J Foss and Jacob Lyngsie Chapter 14. The Role of External Knowledge Sources and Organizational Design in the Process of Opportunity Exploitation - by Nicolai J. Foss, Jacob Lyngsie & Shaker A. Zahra Chapter 15. How Strategic Entrepreneurship and the Institutional Context Drive Economic Growth - by Christian Bjørnskov & Nicolai Foss

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Organizational Leadership - New Studies in Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Djøf