Modernising Public Procurement - The New Directive

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Modernising Public Procurement - The New Directive

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The recentl y approved Public Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU has brought a major overhaul to EU law and made significant changes to the obligations of contracting authorities in the Member States. Concurrently, the new directive has introduced some measures of flexibility and important new requirements. This book focuses on the essence of these changes, starting with the definition of a public procurement contract to end with changes to concluded contracts. In between many very important aspects of the reform are analysed, including the new rules on in house and public-public partnerships, on qualification, on the new and more flexible award procedures, including those aimed at fostering innovation. Specific attention is also paid to the new emphasis on strategic procurement, including to the benefit of SMEs, and to the renewed efforts to exploit e-procurement and aggregated purchasing.

The different contributi ons provide an in depth analysis of most of the new provisions in Directive 2014/24/EU and will be very valuable to academics and practitioners alike, especially considering that some of the new provisions may have immediate effects since to a large extent they codify the case law. Guidance in understanding how these provisions relate with the case law is therefore a necessity from now.
Indholdsoversigt Foreword Chapter 1. Evolution of the EU Public Procurement Regime: The New Public Procurement Directive - by Steen Treumer
PART I: SCOPE Chapter 2. Variations in the scope of the new EU public procurement Directives of 2014: Efficiency in public spending and a major role of the approximation of laws - by Mario E. Comba Chapter 3. Contracting authorities, in-house services and public authorities cooperation - by Martin Burgi Chapter 4. Mapping the margins of EU public contracts law: covered, mixed, excluded and special contracts - by Roberto Caranta
PART II : PROCEDURES AND INSTRUMENTS Chapter 5. Exclusion, Qualitative Selection and Short-listing in the New Public Sector Procurement Directive 3014/24 - by Albert Sanchez Graells Chapter 6. Public Procurement Award Procedures in Directive 2014/24/EU - by Pedro Telles & Luke R. A. Butler Chapter 7. Framework agreements, dynamic purchasing systems and public e-procurement - by François Lichère & Sara Richetto Chapter 8. Joint Procurement Challenges in the Future Implementation of the New Directives - by Gabriella M. Racca Chapter 9. The Promotion of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Pulic Procurement: A Strategic Objective of the New Public Sector Directive? - by Martin Trybus
PART III: HORIZONTAL OBJECTIVES Chapter 10. Regulation of Contract Changes in the New Public Procurement Directive - by Steen Treumer Chapter 11. Sustainable public procurement in the EU: experiences and prospects - by D. C. Dragos, B. Neamtu Chapter 12. Innovation in Public Procurement: Towards the “Innovation Union” - by Luke Butler List of cases About the authors Index

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Forfatter: Steen Treumer / Roberto Caranta (eds.) / Francóis Lichére
Sideantal: 404
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Serie: European Procurement Law Series
Udgivelsesdato: 20 Oct 2014
Oplagsdato: 20 Oct 2014