Middle Powers and the Rise of China

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Middle Powers and the Rise of China

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The book reviews China’s middle-power relations with South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, and Brazil. It explores how much (or how little) China, and for comparison the United States, value middle powers and examines whether or not middle powers can actually shape China’s behavior.

Contributors address how these diverse nations are responding to a rising China and the impact of Chinese power on each.
Co-publishing with Georgetown University Press, Washington D.C, USA
Indholdsoversigt List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Chapter 1. Chinas Rise through the Prism of Middle Powers - by Bruce Gilley and Andrew O'Neil Chapter 2. Locating Middle Powers in International Relations Theory and Power Transitions - by James Manicom and Jeffrey Reeves Chapter 3. China's Discovery of Middle Powers - by Bruce Gilley Chapter 4. US Responses to Middle Powers and China - by David A. Cooper and Toshi Yoshihara Chapter 5. South Korea's Middle Power Response to the Rise of China - by TongFi Kim Chapter 6. Malaysia, Thailand and the ASEAN Middle Power Way - by Amy L. Freedman Chapter 7. Indonesia Responds to China's Rise - by Ann Marie Murphy Chapter 8. Australia: A Traditional Middle Power Faces the Asian Century - by Thomas S. Wilkins Chapter 9. South Africa's Middle Power Ambitions: Riding the Dragon or Being Its Pet? - by Janis van der Westhuizen and Sven Grimm Chapter 10. Turkey and China in the Post-Cold War World: Great Expectations - by Yitzhak Shichor Chapter 11. Brazil's Rise as a Middle Power: The Chinese Contribution - by Anthony Peter Spanakos and Joseph Marques Chapter 12. Conclusion: Seeing beyond Hegemony - by Bruce Gilley and Andrew O'Neil List of Contributors

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Forfatter: Bruce Gilley / Andrew O'Neil (Editors)
Sideantal: 288
Sprog: Engelsk
Originalsprog: Engelsk
Produktvariant: Hæftet
Oplag: 1
Udgave: 1
Fagredaktør: Sten Rynning,Anders Wivel
Udgiver: Djøf
Bredde: 152 mm
Højde: 228 mm
Dybde: 19 mm
Vægt: 469 g
Serie: Studier i Global Politik og Sikkerhed
Udgivelsesdato: 14 Aug 2014
Oplagsdato: 14 Aug 2014