Follow Me - Leading From The Front

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Follow Me - Leading From The Front

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Kim Kristensen has been in some of the most demanding situations a leader can experience. As an officer he led soldiers into battle many times, where taking decisions was literally a matter of life and death. Later, he applied his experiences of leadership to the worlds of business, local government and diplomacy, as well as at the Danish royal court, where de currently serves as Master of Ceremonies.
 Leadership – especially during difficult periods – means having the courage to put yourself on the front lines, choose a direction and say: Follow me!
"One of the most inspirational books about leadership I have read – worth following."
 Jim Hagemann Snabe, Boardmenber of the World Economic Forum.
"Follow me is about leadership –in life and death situations. A gripping account of the process of developing personal leadership, where failure means the loss of life".
 Lars Rebien Sørensen, CEO Novo Nordisk and "World best CEO 2015 (Harward Business Review)
"A strong book about the essential issues surrounding leadership. Definitely worth a read anyone who is or wants to become a leaders". 
Niels Smedegaard Andersen, CEO A.P. Moeller-Maersk.
"The book's strength lies in its author's ability to make military principles of leadership relevant for the world of private industry. 
Henrik Ørholst, Reviewer on Børsen.

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Forfatter: Kim Kristensen
Sideantal: 214
Sprog: Engelsk
Originaltitel: Følg mig
Originalsprog: Dansk
Produktvariant: Paperback
Oversætter: Caroline Waight
Oplag: 1
Udgave: 1
Udgiver: Publishare
Bredde: 155 mm
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Vægt: 455 g
Udgivelsesdato: 19 May 2016
Oplagsdato: 19 May 2016