Environmental Law - In Denmark

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Environmental Law - In Denmark

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This book provides ready access to legislation and practice concerning the environment in Denmark. A general introduction covers geographic considerations, political, social and cultural aspects of environmental study, the sources and principles of environmental law, environmental legislation, and the role of public authorities.Co-published with Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.

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General Introduction
Chapter 1. General Background Chapter 2. Basic Principles of Environmental Law Chapter 3. Historical Background Chapter 4. Role of Government Institutions in the Shaping and Administration of Environmental Law and Policy Chapter 5. Sources of Environmental LawSelected Bibliography
PART 1. POLLUTION CONTROL Chapter 1. General Law Chapter 2. Air Pollution Chapter 3. Water Recources and Pollution Chapter 4. Waste Chapter 5. Soil Pollution Chapter 6. Noise Pollution Chapter 7. Major Accidents, Hazards and Chemicals Chapter 8. Sustainable Energy
PART II. NATURE CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT Chapter 1. Biodiversity and Nature Protection Rules and Strategies Chapter 2. Monuments, Archaeological Nature and Landscapes Chapter 3. Parks, Preserves and Natural 2000 Network Chapter 4. Wildlife Protection and Trading Chapter 5. Agricultural Resources Chapter 6. Forests Chapter 7. Fish Resources Chapter 8. Subsoil, Minerals and Hydrocarbons, Etc. Chapter 9. Genetically Modified Organisms
PART III. ZONING AND LAND USE PLANNING Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Spatial Planning Chapter 3. Urban, Rural and Summer Cottage Zoning
PART IV. LIABILITY QUESTIONS Chapter 1. Environmental versus Civil Liability Chapter 2. Civil Liability Chapter 3. Criminal Liability
PART V. Acces to Justice Chapter 1. General Chapter 2. Administrative Appeals Chapter 3. Juridical RemediesSelected BibliographyIndex

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Forfatter: Ellen Margrethe Basse
Sideantal: 440
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Udgivelsesdato: 04 Jan 2016
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