A Concise Contrastive Grammar Of English - Workbook

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A Concise Contrastive Grammar Of English - Workbook

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Like the first edition, this second revised edition of the workbook is intended to be used together with A Concise Contrastive Grammar of English for Danish Students, which is a systematic and pedagogical introduction to English grammar for Danish students of English at bachelor level. The purpose of the workbook is to supply students and teachers with material which can be used in connection with the study of grammar. The workbook is organised so that each chapter in the grammar book matches a chapter in the workbook. There are exercises of many different kinds in the workbook. Some aim at explanation and exemplification, others at awareness-raising and recognition of particular structures. Some aim at production in the form of either insertion of particular forms or translation, others at recognising differences between English and Danish. Finally, there are a number of exercises where students get the opportunity to identify and correct mistakes which are typical for Danes who speak or write English. There is plenty of material in the workbook, so the users are free to choose the material which they find most suitable. Teachers can furthermore use some material when covering a particular grammatical topic and return to some of the other material available if students later still have problems with this particular area.

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Forfatter: Lise Lotte Hjulmand
Sideantal: 224
Sprog: Dansk
Originalsprog: Dansk
Produktvariant: Paperback
Oplag: 2
Udgave: 1
Udgiver: Samfundslitteratur
Udgivelsesdato: 14 Aug 2014
Oplagsdato: 20 Aug 2015






A Concise Contrastive Grammar Of English - Workbook Samfundslitteratur