How to be a Mentor for disadvantaged and marginalised people

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How to be a Mentor for disadvantaged and marginalised people

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Being a mentor to disadvantaged and marginalised people is a wonderful job and an exciting learning opportunity. It is also a serious task, demanding that you fully understand your role and have precisely the right tools. This book is a complete guide for anyone who wants to be a mentor. It is full of practical tools and useful knowledge to help you in your work as a mentor. The book is intended to be a user's manual. Read it through, or read it bit by bit. Put it on your bookshelf as a reference when you encounter problems or challenges or find yourself in a dilemma as a mentor. The book has ample margin space for your personal notes. Learn: The three main areas within mentoring for the disadvantaged and marginalised people Your role as a mentor The phases in a mentoring processand how to get the best out of each phase How to prepare in order to secure a successful mentoring process How to set goals with the mentee and maintain motivation The five important areas of competence for the mentor and mentee Interview techniques to make for a smoother mentoring process Conflict management What to do about problems during the process The mentor's ten commandments.

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How to be a Mentor for disadvantaged and marginalised people Men2R Forlag