Contemporary British Society

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Contemporary British Society

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This printed edition of CONTEMPORARY BRITISH SOCIETY has been updated to take account of developments up unlit the Spring of 2008 and provides information, analysis and statistical material for students in the field of British Studies. It provides not Læs mere only important information and analytical perspectives on present-day British society and politics, but also the historical background of current developments. CONTEMPORARY BRITISH SOCIETY is a complex of the present edition and an internet site at , which contains regularly updated material. The combination of these two media will make it even more attractive and useful as a basis for exploring British society.

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Forfatter: Jørgen Sevaldsen
Sideantal: 288
Sprog: Engelsk
Originalsprog: Dansk
Produktvariant: Hæftet
Oplag: 4
Udgave: 7
Udgiver: Akademisk
Bredde: 172 mm
Højde: 239 mm
Dybde: 19 mm
Vægt: 505 g
Udgivelsesdato: 24 Aug 2005
Oplagsdato: 19 Jan 2012






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