What is mariology? - - in theory and practice

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What is mariology? - - in theory and practice

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Mariology is the world's oldest kind of spirituality. This book is a collection of articles about the use of Mariology in thinking and in practical life. The index includes such diverse topics as "Mary and the great religions", "If Mary was prime minister", "Catholic and Orthodox Mariology", "Catholicism Protestantism and Mariology", "Mariology and vocation", "Mary's seven pains", "Mariology and culture", "Showdown with the Jesus-religion" and "Mariology and marketing". The book also includes a glossary, to make it easy to understand the topics being discussed.

The book is a good introduction to Mariology - the oldest spirituality in the world.

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Forfatter: Jakob Munck
Sideantal: 196
Sprog: Engelsk
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Udgivelsesdato: 18 Nov 2015
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What is mariology? - - in theory and practice Books On Demand