Health, illness and oral diagnosis

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Health, illness and oral diagnosis

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The purpose of Health, Illness and Oral Diagnosis is to give the reader a short introduction to the principles of diagnostics in dentistry. Concepts of sickness and health are not absolutes but change over time and depend on location, and without a proper perception of this, it is difficult for the dentist to work in a meaningful way. The awareness must be focused and directed to a number of fundamental problems associated with diagnostics and the choice of treatment. The aim of this book is to promote and support this process.Health, Illness and Oral Diagnosis covers the curriculum for Scandinavian dental students concerning philosophic and ethic topics and it offers experienced dentists an opportunity to gain a renewed perspective of daily clinical practice.The author, Erik Dabelsteen, is professor and dr.odont. at the University of Copenhagen. He has been teaching clinical diagnostics for many years.

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Forfatter: Erik Dabelsteen
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