Attraction - Being, not doing.

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Attraction - Being, not doing.

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When the Pickup community first started, it was built
upon the basic belief/frame that the woman is higher
value than the man, on a pedestal, and the man needs to
find some way to get up there through tricks/techniques.
For guys who’ve had little success with women, this makes
a lot of sense: She’s attractive, socially proofed, guys want
her, and you’re just an average-looking guy. It’s
LOGICAL that she would be higher value, “above” you
The Big Realization: THIS IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. In
reality, you’re equal. When this old paradigm is what you
really believe in, your reality, then everything you see you’ll
try to fit it into what you believe in. This book is about
giving you a new reality through pieces of the puzzle, so
you can give yourself permission to do what works. Go
from social conditioning and ego to authenticity and self-
esteem. All that changes is that we’re coming from a
different frame now. Being, not doing."

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Forfatter: Jesper Lassen
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