Horror Vacui - Morten Løbner Espersen

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Horror Vacui - Morten Løbner Espersen

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Horror Vacui is a collection of new works by the internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Morten Løbner Espersen. It is also the title of his 2012 solo exhibition at Trapholt Art Museum – a monumental presentation creating a dialogue between four series of works: vessels, cylinders, glazed clay tablets and drawings.Horror vacui – the fear of empty space – was originally the name of a style of a classical Greek vase from around 1000 B.C. with intricate decorations covering its entire surface. Morten Løbner Espersen's new series, inspired by the forms of antiquity, marks a shift from the strict geometry that has previously characterised his works. Here his dramatic glazes are met with an expressive answer from the clay.

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Forfatter: Björn Springfeldt / Karen Grøn / Morten Løbner Espersen
Sideantal: 80
Sprog: Engelsk
Omslagsgrafiker: Christian Yde Frostholm
Originalsprog: Engelsk
Produktvariant: Indbundet
Oplag: 1
Udgave: 1
Fotograf: Ole Akhøj
Udgiver: Forlaget Rhodos
Bredde: 304 mm
Højde: 230 mm
Dybde: 15 mm
Vægt: 753 g
Udgivelsesdato: 24 Jun 2012
Oplagsdato: 24 Jun 2012






Horror Vacui - Morten Løbner Espersen Forlaget Rhodos