I Am Agile - Knowledge That Sets You Apart

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I Am Agile - Knowledge That Sets You Apart

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Whether you want to further your Agile Project Management training at the University, gain professional best practice insights or seek an certification from ICAgile or the Project Management Institute, you need a reliable guidance. I am Agile, Knowledge That Sets You Apart shows you, step by step how to become agile and thereby master, adapt to and learn the knowledge of Agile Project Management.

Written by a seasoned lecture from a top ranking University, highly successful certified consultant and contributor to the practice of Project Management, this book features; * Comprehensive guide on the PMI-ACP and ICAgile Fundamental of Agile certification * Cutting-edge, Agile Project Management concepts integrated throughout * Leading business research from international giants * New and amazing case studies from around the globe to share and debate * Academic peer-review research and best practice advice from thought leaders at your fingertips * A streamlined format that enhance learning * Excellent for education at University or business schools with classroom exercises * PMI-ACP sample test questions, online resources and much more I am Agile, Knowledge That Sets You Apart is the only comprehensive reference you need to pass the PMI-ACP or ICAgile fundamentals of Agile certifications. Agile Project Management has evolved with the turbulent economy and have a proven mindset, tools, techniques, processes and methodologies to deliver high quality, reduce cost, reduce time to market and increase stakeholders satisfaction. I am Agile, Knowledge That Sets You Apart is your key to ensure that you and your company realizes the significant gains from being agile. This is Knowledge That Sets You Apart, in business and as a professional.

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I Am Agile - Knowledge That Sets You Apart Nyt Teknisk Forlag