Eric the Round and the Dragon

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Eric the Round and the Dragon

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In this story the Viking Eric the Round sets out to fight a dragon and save a damsel in distress. On his way there he has to overcome several obstacles such as a violent storm, a malicious octopus and dangerous quicksand.

When they arrive at the dragon's castle, nothing is as Eric had expected.

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Forfatter: Steen Tvermoes
Sideantal: 36
Sprog: Engelsk
Omslagsillustrator: Steen Tvermoes
Originaltitel: Erik den Runde og Dragen
Originalsprog: Dansk
Produktvariant: Hardback
Oversætter: Hanne von Wowern
Oplag: 1
Udgave: 1
Illustreret af: Steen Tvermoes
Fagredaktør: Torkild Enevoldsen
Udgiver: Markedsforlaget
Serie: Erik den Runde
Udgivelsesdato: 24 Sep 2012
Oplagsdato: 24 Sep 2012






Eric the Round and the Dragon Markedsforlaget