Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

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There are few places left in the world that can be said to represent the last frontier of tourism. Whether you're an expat, here on business or a traveller, Saudi Arabia is one of them.
CONNECT WITH THE CULTURE with our discerning coverage of Saudi Arabia's history and way of life, including a chapter devoted to the Hajj pilgrimage
SETTLE IN with our Expats chapter, providing insightful and practical information for the visiting worker
MAKE TRACKS following our coverage of the Empty Quarter and the great outdoors - you choose your activity and we'll tell you how
DINE LIKE A PRINCE or savour the delights of street-side restaurants - whether it's a Bedouin feast or a camel steak you're after, we will direct you to the right table
GET AROUND using our detailed maps to the Kingdom's main centres and more remote regions

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