Rajasthan, Delhi & Algra

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Rajasthan, Delhi & Algra

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This is more than a regional guide, and much more than a capital city guide: an exhaustive journey through India's most famed and romantic region. Detailed itinerary maps guide you around the main sights and highlights of Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra. There's much more to draw the reader in and excite them about their trip. This guide has only indirect competition. It doesn't just focus on the main attractions but covers out-of-the-way destinations better than competitor guides - it really is the guide to the great northwest Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor who created the Taj Mahal for his wife, originally planned to build a nearly identical structure across the Yamuna, but out of black marble. His loony son, Aurangzeb, imprisoned him before he had the chance to build this. Black Taj Rajasthan is comprised of nine princely states that predated the British Empire but were allowed to continue with the Queen's indulgence camels are nasty animals that can spit long distances.
Experience iconic India - the buzz of Old Delhi's bazaars, the timeless perfection of the Taj Mahal, dusky-pink Jaipur and sky-blue Jodhpur, the golden fort city of Jaisalmer, and star-filled desert nights on camel safari. Take the journey of a lifetime through India's most enchanting and fabled places with this definitive guide.
ESCAPE THE CROWDS and discover the Rajasthan beyond the tourist trail - remote villages, deserted forts, and the magnificent havelis of Shekhawati
SLEEP THE SLEEP OF KINGS in the best accommodation, from Rajput palaces to fort-top guesthouses
LEARN THE LOCAL LORE with our coverage of the region's intriguing history and culture, and a special chapter on Rajasthani Handicrafts
YOUR ROTI FROM YOUR PURI with our comprehensive chapter on Indian cuisine, and in-depth reviews of restaurants all over the region
FIND YOUR WAY around the Golden Triangle with the help of our detailed transport information and over 50 maps

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Rajasthan, Delhi & Algra Lonely Planet / Aschehoug