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Prague is currently the most popular destination for city-break travellers. This is the only guide to offer full-colour throughout and comprehensive fold out maps with points of interest markers.
The triple-gatefold maps make navigation easy.
Prague has its very own ""Frankenstein's"" monster - Golem, fashioned from clay by a local rabbi - who ran amok in the city, eventually forcing the rabbi to 'undo' his work; Golem's lifeless clay body reputedly lies in the city's Old-New Synagogue.
The political term, defenestration (literally, 'to be thrown out of a window'), was first coined in Prague in the fifteenth century, when a political dispute led to several hapless councillors being turfed out of a window of the New Town Hall. The event was reprised two centuries later - this set of unlikely councillors were booted out of a Prague Castle window, an incident which sparked the Thirty Years War.
It's one of Europe's most popular cities, and with awe inspiring architecture, a world-renowned creative arts scene, nonstop nightlife and cosmopolitan cuisine, who's going to argue?
Put Best of Prague in your pocket and see it all for yourself.

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