Miami & the Keys

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Miami & the Keys

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The only guide fully covering cosmopolitan Miami and South Florida and Keys. 10.4 million people visited Greater Miami in 2003 and stayed at least one night, 54 per cent from US, 46 per cent from abroad.
Special Nightlife and Architecture chapters unveil cool Miami.
Multicultural and bilingual Miami is considered the capital of Latin World; once a hub of Cuban culture, Little Havana now represents all of Latin America; you can snorkel to the Jose Cueva bar for tequilla shots in the Atlantic Ocean; Ft Lauderdale is the American hub for landing lucrative work on private yachts.
Hemingway's gone, but fans flock to his Key West house where descendents of his cats still love Key West.
Is the southernmost point of continental US, mere 90 miles from Cuba.

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