Gambia & Senegal

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Gambia & Senegal

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This is the only guidebook to comprehensively cover both Gambia and Senegal. There is in-depth coverage of Dakar's heady nightlife and Senegal's thriving music scene, as well as arts and culture. There is in-depth arts and culture coverage, from glass painting to preparing green tea. There is extended coverage on the what, where and when of birdwatching, and full coverage of the popular resorts on the beautiful Atlantic coast.

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Forfatter: Katharina Lobeck
Sideantal: 328
Sprog: Engelsk
Produktvariant: Hæftet
Oplag: 1
Udgave: 3
Udgiver: Lonely Planet / Aschehoug
Bredde: 131 mm
Højde: 197 mm
Dybde: 18 mm
Vægt: 328 g
Udgivelsesdato: 21 Sep 2006
Oplagsdato: 21 Sep 2006