When Knowledge is the Project – and the Need is Know-how

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When Knowledge is the Project – and the Need is Know-how

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The feature article is about attitude, the challenge to be met, if knowledge is to transfer successfully. It is no minor issue to speculate about the possibilities of transferring a whole of say a fishing industry. We used to say about precisely the fishing industry in question that the Nordic countries can ‘go it alone’. It holds true for as long as the industry stays true also to its Nordic latitude, so to speak. But how about ‘going it’ together with foreign partners not only from the point of view of technical implementation but also from the point of view of actually running a whole new operation on a day to day basis, on different latitude with partners from afar?
This is what export adventures can be about, be it fishing gear, curricula or democracy that exports. The pioneering nature of adventure is inevitable to progress. Either we stay on our own latitude or we venture into case and circumstance with inquiring spirit and an open mind to that which is to be learned. Knowledge can to some extent be learned, however, to be transferred takes understanding.

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When Knowledge is the Project – and the Need is Know-how Books On Demand